Transformational author and coach

Russel Brownlee, author of The Discovery of Causeless Joy

There is nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to go.

All you seek is within you.

Have you heard these statements before and longed to believe them? The joy and peace you try to purchase with your well-meaning efforts are available for free right now, without changing anything in you. Your fear, anger and pain say nothing about who you really are. They are simply artefacts of this human existence … unavoidable byproducts of life in duality.

You see, the way we’ve been taught to measure success – even spiritual success – is fatally flawed. It assumes that if we just keep on working on our issues and overcoming our faults and accessing more and more rarefied states of being we will eventually get to experience the peace and joy we so desire.

But it doesn’t actually work out like that. No matter how much we achieve materially or how long we sit in meditation, it never quite brings us the satisfaction we are looking for. After a few moments of bliss, the petty suffering of our human existence returns.

We are forgetting that our very nature is bliss and that there is nothing we have to do to attain this. All we need to do is stop – really stop, and then notice what is already here. If you are tired of trying to get it right, then may this message of causeless peace and joy bring new hope. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in the radical act of stopping all effort so that who you truly are might be revealed.

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